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Perfect Russian Brides Weddings With the Perfect Options Right Here

Quite a difficult question when it’s the first time a wedding is organized. Fortunately, you have this guide on how to organize a wedding in 20 steps. It is possible that you do not have experience in the field, we must be able to deliver an evening up to our expectations. We want everything to be perfect for D-Day and that this day is a memorable moment that will remain forever etched in the memory of the bride and groom but also in the memory of the guests. So many questions to answer, so many small things to remember:

  • wedding calendar to mount
  • the guest lists
  • share them with marriage
  • the reception room
  • equipment rental
  • the decoration
  • the wedding dress
  • the master of ceremonies
  • the meal
  • a wedding planner (wedding planner)
  • audio equipment rental
  • a wedding animation service.

Do you know how to prepare a step-by-step wedding?

To prepare your wedding step by step, in 4 months, 6 months and 1 year and that the preparations are not expensive? Yes! You read correctly. It is possible to organize an original wedding at a low budget even with the help of a wedding planner. Just do some research and ask the right questions. The following will surely help you achieve one of the most beautiful days of your life, at we have researched for you!

How to organize a wedding with the Russian Girl?

The engagement

When you said Yes!, Tradition has it that you make this commitment with your family and friends. It is advisable to organize a meal or simply an evening to emphasize your love and announce the coming of your marriage in the next months.

Think about organizing your wedding

First, you need to think with your lover about how to organize your wedding step by step. How do you want to live your marriage? Civil marriage or not? A cheap wedding? The theme of your wedding? You have to sit together to answer a few questions.

How much do you want to give to your wedding?

Each of your sides plans a little attention during the day that will give a smile to your accomplice of life.

When you have answered all these questions, write them down in a binder exclusively dedicated to your wedding. This will be your reference wedding guide to reread your notes and remind you of all the discoveries you do not want to forget. You will be able to write down all the personal ideas you have, insert photos and tips from magazines of original wedding ideas that you have collected. It will also be a good reference tool if you have to share your wishes with a wedding planner you have hired if that is the case. Ladies be careful not to put the wedding dress pictures that you like, this is always the surprise for sir!

Since we are in the tech space, download the Pinterest social platform where there are lots of interesting ideas on everything you need to do to achieve your wedding. Be careful, several ideas can increase the estimated costs of your budget. You can always take the idea and simplify it.